NSS '14

Oh boy it was that time of the year again, when we get to pack up and go to New York to show people what we've been up to!

 Here's Ken, putting up the shelves on our booth.  On the other side of the wall is our friend John, helping Ken secure the shelves.


It takes a few hours to put everything up.  There is usually some sort of snag during the set up, but this time it all went very smoothly! IMG_4238

Shocking, I know!


As always, we got to see a ton of awesome new stuff by other designers.  Here are just a few:

Yellow Owl Workshop



Hello! Lucky


Snow & Graham

photo 1

Albertine Press


Ink Meets Paper






The Easy, Tiger booth had the coolest card-dispensing machine, and it really worked!!!


Bright and super happy  art prints by Sue Jean Ko.



I wanted to take home all of the animals from Finkelstein's Center.


And here are some of the faces behind the designs we admire.  Thank you guys for being such good sports and doing silly pics for us!!!

Rose, Tess, and Kara of Egg Press


Don't mess with Jordan from Enormous Champion... IMG_4295

...or Kevin from Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress!


Here's Eva from Sycamore Street Press keeping a low profile. She does such amazing work!


...as does the wonderfully Offensive + Delightful Olga!

photo 2

 You can count on the always witty and irreverent Old Tom Foolery 's Joel to throw down a song and dance routine that'll light up a room!

photo 5

Bob Shea might seem nice, but it's his wife Colleen who is the real angel of the Perfectly Nice duo..IMG_4298



Our old NSS neighbors Patricia and Rachel of Fawnsberg always show up with fresh new goodies. Cards, stamps, letter openers.. these two are always working up new items that we didn't know we needed.

photo 2

Slides? Road trips? Dangerous cocktail recipes?  Mark and Maura of RedCamper have you covered. Their card line somehow has the power to make places that you've never been to feel familiar. Check out their blog to see all the other fun stuff these talented folks are up to.

photo 4

Perfectly modern. Perfectly simple. Perfectly.. perfect. We love Jesse and Gold Teeth Brooklyn's vision of the world.

photo 1

We got to know Wild Ink's Matt and Rebecca better this time around.. and they are a lot of fun! Fellow Chico natives, we're looking forward to dropping in and bothering them while they're printing the next time we're up in Chico to visit Ken's family..

photo 3


Newcomers F as in Frank keep it simple and direct, with a slightly retro-modern look and nice tight printing on their C&P!

photo 3


No stranger to wood type, fight posters, or Vandercooks, Steam Whistle Letterpress had a lot of fun things to show at NSS. Brian may have been in the "New" section of NSS, but the skill in his printing tells a different story..

photo 4

 We've been seeing his stuff around at other places (such as the International Printing Museum's Printer's Fair), but this time we finally got to catch up with Jeremy of Margin right at the end of NSS. Ken scored one of those moon-phase calendars.. and is eager to start watching the night sky when 2015 rolls around.

photo 1

Fun prints and cards from the talented Katie from Idlewild Co!


The dynamic duo of Wishbone Letterpress!


Bench Pressed guy Andrew shows off his printing muscle.



The multi-talented Jen from Paper Trail and Plastique*!

IMG_4318 IMG_4317 It seemed like Ashkahn was having a great show!


Here's a shot of the very glorious "crate packing stage" after the show closes for NSS. (In the backround is Wally of Anemone Press doing the same.) It was great catching up with store owners and the reps that dropped in to say hi, and it's always entertaining to swap shop talk and printing secrets with our booth neighbor pals.. There were so many more awesome people and stuff there, we wish we could capture everything/everyone. We miss our friends already and we look forward to next year!!


It's become something of a tradition to have a post-show wrap up late lunch at Frank with other paper people. Starting in the foreground (with the hip chick in the hat) and going clockwise around the table we see the good and talented folks here from... Lady Pilot Letterpress, Blue Barnhouse, Shed Letterpress, Power and Light, Impie13, Banquet Workshop, Blackbird Letterpress, Anemone Letterpress, (yours truly Fugu Fugu Press), Pistachio Press, and Ink Meets Paper.

photo 3

LA Printer's Fair '13

Once again, we had a fantastic day at the LA Printer's Fair this year.  We were worried about the Santa Ana winds, but it ended up being a beautiful day..

And as always, we met some great new folks, and re-connected with old friends.  And remembered how fun it is to be social.  We should do that more.

Metal Doily Press.

Janet and Coco representing Papermum Press.

Pretty prints from Just Vandy.

Good folks of Anemone Letterpress.

There were so many aamaaazing prints by Church of Type, we were truly in an awe.

Goodies we got.

Thank you so much for coming out to see us!!!  We love you.  Let's do this again next year.


NSS '13

Once again, we went to exhibit at the National Stationery Show in N.Y. last week.  This was our 6th show, but we still feel a little nervous until our booth is all set up.

Showing up at the Javitz and finding our crate in our booth is a good start.

voila, the booth appears out of the crate.

All done!  The bench in the middle was a new idea, and it worked out great.  Thank you John!!

And as always, we met and reunited with so many great, talented people. Here are some of them and/or their work.

Luckily for us, Pancake & Franks was our neighbor across the isle this time around.  We did not mind at all staring at her beautiful work all day long!

And she happens to be an awesome person to hang out with.  But why wouldn't she, with a name like Pancake?

One of our most favorite new company we saw at the show this year was Power and Light.  We've been a fan of hers for a couple of years now, and it's so great to see her cool new stuff.

We met the talented folks behind Dear Hancock last year, but we actually got to hang out a bit with them this year and it was such a treat.  They're dog people. yeah!

Gold Teeth Brooklyn has the super bright, super cool screen printed cards.

I wanted to live in Moglea's simple, clean, and modern booth.

And buy her original paintings.  Not that she was selling any of those, nor could we afford them.

Fantastic new cards from Red Cap Cards.

Ghost Academy.  Yes, quite.


There were many pretty things in the Thimble Press booth, but this I was drawn to this one  on the right the most.

The brilliant Yellow Owl Workshop booth.

Old Tom Foolery, the purveyor of typestache,

and their new photo card line, Modern Lore.

Our friends Sass & Peril debuted this year at the show, as well as their brand new card line The Paper Cub!

Ok, here are loads more awesome booths/card lines.  I'm running out of cute descriptions for each one, but it doesn't mean that they're any less awesome.  In fact they're so truly awesome, it's too bad I can't do justice to their awesomeness from the crappy photos we took, just running around for 15 minutes before the show ended.  We leave the real photo-taking and blogging to the pros.  Click on the pics to go to their websites!

It was all work, work, work for us.  The whole time.  No fun at all...  check our instagram (this one too) for more evidence of hard work.


Dee and Lala

Last Sunday, Carrie and Wally of Anemone Letterpress and us Fugus had the pleasure of visiting Mable at her awesome printshop in Los Feliz.

Here are some iPhone photos, since I forgot to charge the battery for my camera and didn't realize it until we got there. duh

This is outside of the awesome printshop..  well, sort of.  Do you see the building to the right of the Shepard Fairey mural, with white shades drawn? That one is the printshop.

One of her dozens of Vandercooks.  Well, 4 or 5 at least.

Wally is very easy to look up to.  Palette knives look like surgical tools next to the gloves.

Everything is so neatly organized.  Such a contrast compared to the horror show that is our printshop.  Damn you Mable!!

so tidy.. and clean...

She may have a drinking-of-cleaning-products problem.

Of course we are just kidding.  THANK YOU Mable for having us over and sharing lots of valuable info!!  Hope to get together again soon :)

Unique LA holiday show 2012

It was a nice change to check out Unique LA  as a shopper this year.  As always, there were so many great venders and lots of people in attendance, despite the rain.  Here are some photos!

Awesome Elinor of  Krank Press

T is for Tadpoles baby t's and onesies with vintage toys, beautifully illustrated by our good friend Keri.

Always love seeing what Carolyn's been up to!

Lots of great screen printed textile by Cotton & Flax.

Kyyote display was as simple and perfect as their jewelry.

My oto-san checking out Panorama Press table.

Expertly printed Anemone Letterpress cards :)

Shannon over at Sass & Peril has been quite prolific!

These giant drawings by Marz Jr are super great an inspiring.

And last but not least, Fomato!  These cards are hilarious and sweet, because they are made by sweet and hilarious Emmie.  I had to get this one this time.

It was good seeing y'all!! til next time :)

LA Printer's Fair '12

Once again I had a great time at the Printer's Fair at the Printing Museum. THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who came!! I loved chatting with everyone.  And thank you to everyone at the museum!!

Here are some photos.

lots of presses for sale.

our table.

next to us was a talented lino-cut artist Vladimir Zimakov. (sorry for the blurry photo)

always good to see what Anemone Letterpress has been up to.

some cute people and dog.

Madeline receiving some secrets from the silkscreen demo man.

my shirt being dried!

...and of course, the best part of doing the fairs is going out with friends afterwards.  There's Ken trying out Wally's glasses.

my loot. Counter-clock wise from the top left: two Maginating birthday cards, 'cheers!' card from Anemone Letterpress, Wooden enclosure cards from Stacy Wong, and the beautiful Vandercook 100 book from Just Vandy. Get your copy here!

NSS 2012

so it's already been close to a MONTH since we did the stationery show. We have been super busy catching up, following up, and updating this site... and now finally getting around to show some pictures from the show.  Better late than never, we say.

Here's Ken in our booth.


We met Pei at the last stationery show, when she was just thinking about exhibiting.  We were so happy to see her again this year, with a brand new, shiny, fantastic line!  Congrats Pei!!

 It was Anemone Letterpress's first time with their very own booth too.  Both their booth and cards are meticulously and beautifully designed and put together.  Congrats on a GREAT job, Carrie & Wally!!!

 We love seeing and  catching up with Brad Woods of Maginating Letterpress, and we'd like to think that he thinks that about us too.  He's just so friendly and sweet every time we see him.  He's the best.

Oh hi there Brad!  Great to see you too!  Love the new designs, and congrats on the card of the year!!

 Our booth neighbor again this year was the lovely Banquet Workshop girls.  I love their new Burrowing Animals poster.  And we had fun with their temporary tattoos too.  If you're attending the New York Gift Fair this summer, be sure to check them out!

 Here is an amazing display by Blackbird Letterpress which I couldn't stop admiring.  It was great meeting you Kathryn, and thank you again for the blog mention :)

 I saw The Wild Horse Press's super fun & friendly cards last year in Ladies of Letterpress booth and got so excited.  This year I was even more excited to see that she had a whole bunch more, and her own booth!  It was great seeing you Elizabeth!!

 We found out that our booth neighbor Dear Hancock is also our actual neighbor in LA.  Love their super minimal, gallery-esque booth, and their quirky illustrations!  (like the 'desk calendar' below, with drawings of desks)

Good  ol' Old Tom Foolery and their super modular, super architectural booth.  Impressive!!

Love Red Camper.  Fantastic booth, products, and nice people too!! :)

Always friendly, folksy, and fantastically prolific Nithg Owl Paper Goods!!

We love seeing Geraldo and Craig of Urubbu.  And we love their new beautiful birds!!!

 We didn't get to hang out and talk too much with the delightfully offensive Olga, but we will for sure when you get back to LA!  We miss you!!

And finally, Kyle representing the one and only Blue Barnhouse, and her very own Power and Light!!

whew.  well, that was just a few of cool people and booths we saw there.  THANK YOU so much to everyone who came by our booth, and to our nerdy stationery friends - we'll see you again next year!!!!


unique la

oh my freaking goodness.
It has been almost TWO MONTHS since Unique LA holiday event,
but it's been such a crazy couple of months for us, that i went temporarily
insane (ken can attest to this), and just now coming back to real world.

It was an amazing event, so many people came and said hi,
including him. BIG THANKS to all of you!!!
Here are some pics... sorry it's not as fresh now.. aahgh
our booth!

and our always fantastic booth mate, Ribbit Stopit :)
..and their cool new chest prototype!!
Wally with his cool shirt. and Carrie's beautifully designed and printed
cards. Can't wait for your new website!!!

Ms. Emmie fomato herself. didn't get a clear shot of her pretty self. dang
I think the man next to her is checking her out...

The fantastic Lulu Dee. I am such a fan!!!! so good.

Great calligraphy stamps by Paper Pastries.

Fabulous designs by Ash. Oh I remember when he was
just a young kid.. ha!

And of course, cutest thing at the whole event :)
I will do a next blog sooner. I promise.

past couple of weeks

we must've been so stressed out about our open studio
being possibly rained out, we went into a hibernation mode
after. ok that's not really true. we've been up to
a few things, including:

ken and alex working the table
our lovely customers

our friends kris&alan's wedding at ace hotel
in palm springs. it was our first time staying there and
the rumors are true, it's great.

morgan lounging in our room's patio

... and the bed

hello welcome to my establishment

cooper looking casually hip


and then we had a little studio visit at our printshop
with the young people of AIGA USC.
thanks so much for coming out in the rain!!

this has been a super lazy update by shino.

Open Studio!

Fugu Fugu Press Open Studio 2011!

Dear Rain,

Thank you for not spoiling our Open Studio event. Thank you for stopping promptly at 11:00am and starting back up again right at 4:45pm, just as we were wrapping things up for the day. We know. We owe you a big one.

ken and shino.
Whew... we had a close one this year! Whenever one plans something outside in November, one takes a risk with rain. We so lucked out this time around! Thanks SO MUCH to all our vendors for showing up even though the forecast called for one rainy, gloomy, yucky day. The faith paid off! We ended up with a nice day with mostly just fluffy clouds and enough sun to warm everybody up and lift our spirits...

As in the past, we were glad to have our crafty compadres there showing off their amazing stuff. RibitStopit showed off their fancy wares for the kids...

Alissa with jewelry and wishing rocks...


Kimiko's designs...

And there were lots of snacks, and printing demos, and folks wanderin' about..

And lots of little ones...

And, of course, doggies...

We were really glad to have great music. Our friends Pam and Robert were visiting and treated us to some delightful Brazilian choros and gypsy swing to get things started.

Richard, Clarence, Geoff and Mark picked it up from them and kept us swingin' throughout the afternoon.

Our friend Scott Steen had his trumpet handy and sat in on a coupla' tunes..

And of course, I had to sit in on a couple of tunes too...

And while we wandered about, we were really glad to have our friend Carlie ringing people up and holding down the fort for us..

Thanks to everybody for showed up and helped us have such a great day!

LA Printer's Fair 2011

So here are more pics from the Printer's Fair.

These colorful signs spelled out with giant printed letters
were everywhere at the fair. So cheerful.
Love seeing our friends, especially just across the isle :)
Hi Brad!
Hi Carrie!

Madeleine looking very cool giving demos.

Sharon has the cutest cards.

my snack. green tea cream filled oreo sticks, and green tea.

Just Vandy. Cool new-to-me line.

Love these super retro inspired cards by Sixpenny Press.
So I just watched Bill Cunningham New York.
There were girls in cute clothes. I had a camera.

the cutest

Here are my loot. Jill K's awesome pop up card.

cute happy bear dude by Anemone Letterpess.

..and the Sixpenny press cards. yay!

It was a super fun day. Thank you SO much everyone who came
to see me!! It was talking to you guys.
See you at the next event!!!


Got two packages in the mail yesterday. Two!! Both via
US Postal Service. Who says people don't send things from
post offices any more?

First one was from Mr. Drunken Master himself.
Yay! Got the new shirts. Beautiful silk screened artwork
on the back. yeah
Now I can pretend to be one of the cool kids.

The other one was from Ayumi, Ai, and Kathryn of
Handmade for Japan. This was so unexpected and SO pretty.
You can get your own on their Etsy site after Sept. 12.
Thank you girls!!