NSS 2012

so it's already been close to a MONTH since we did the stationery show. We have been super busy catching up, following up, and updating this site... and now finally getting around to show some pictures from the show.  Better late than never, we say.

Here's Ken in our booth.


We met Pei at the last stationery show, when she was just thinking about exhibiting.  We were so happy to see her again this year, with a brand new, shiny, fantastic line!  Congrats Pei!!

 It was Anemone Letterpress's first time with their very own booth too.  Both their booth and cards are meticulously and beautifully designed and put together.  Congrats on a GREAT job, Carrie & Wally!!!

 We love seeing and  catching up with Brad Woods of Maginating Letterpress, and we'd like to think that he thinks that about us too.  He's just so friendly and sweet every time we see him.  He's the best.

Oh hi there Brad!  Great to see you too!  Love the new designs, and congrats on the card of the year!!

 Our booth neighbor again this year was the lovely Banquet Workshop girls.  I love their new Burrowing Animals poster.  And we had fun with their temporary tattoos too.  If you're attending the New York Gift Fair this summer, be sure to check them out!

 Here is an amazing display by Blackbird Letterpress which I couldn't stop admiring.  It was great meeting you Kathryn, and thank you again for the blog mention :)

 I saw The Wild Horse Press's super fun & friendly cards last year in Ladies of Letterpress booth and got so excited.  This year I was even more excited to see that she had a whole bunch more, and her own booth!  It was great seeing you Elizabeth!!

 We found out that our booth neighbor Dear Hancock is also our actual neighbor in LA.  Love their super minimal, gallery-esque booth, and their quirky illustrations!  (like the 'desk calendar' below, with drawings of desks)

Good  ol' Old Tom Foolery and their super modular, super architectural booth.  Impressive!!

Love Red Camper.  Fantastic booth, products, and nice people too!! :)

Always friendly, folksy, and fantastically prolific Nithg Owl Paper Goods!!

We love seeing Geraldo and Craig of Urubbu.  And we love their new beautiful birds!!!

 We didn't get to hang out and talk too much with the delightfully offensive Olga, but we will for sure when you get back to LA!  We miss you!!

And finally, Kyle representing the one and only Blue Barnhouse, and her very own Power and Light!!

whew.  well, that was just a few of cool people and booths we saw there.  THANK YOU so much to everyone who came by our booth, and to our nerdy stationery friends - we'll see you again next year!!!!