Dee and Lala

Last Sunday, Carrie and Wally of Anemone Letterpress and us Fugus had the pleasure of visiting Mable at her awesome printshop in Los Feliz.

Here are some iPhone photos, since I forgot to charge the battery for my camera and didn't realize it until we got there. duh

This is outside of the awesome printshop..  well, sort of.  Do you see the building to the right of the Shepard Fairey mural, with white shades drawn? That one is the printshop.

One of her dozens of Vandercooks.  Well, 4 or 5 at least.

Wally is very easy to look up to.  Palette knives look like surgical tools next to the gloves.

Everything is so neatly organized.  Such a contrast compared to the horror show that is our printshop.  Damn you Mable!!

so tidy.. and clean...

She may have a drinking-of-cleaning-products problem.

Of course we are just kidding.  THANK YOU Mable for having us over and sharing lots of valuable info!!  Hope to get together again soon :)