wholesale information

Do you have a retail shop? You want to carry our line? It’s easy! If you live in one of the areas where we have representation, just give one of our reps a call and they’ll follow up with details and help put your order together. If you’re not in one of our rep’s territories then order directly from us! You can find our complete wholesale line on Faire as well as on our own wholesale website. Pricing is the same regardless of which platform you choose.




Meet our reps! 

(they're great people and we love them)


NewYork, New Jersey and New England

Daisy D and friends



Pamela J Culhane & Company



LeAnn Wassom

leannwassom@gmail.com | 503. 370. 8366 


Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska 

Friis and Company 


Northern California (north of Big Sur / Fresno)

Air Company